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        Today the company can offer the customer a full complex of services: since gathering of initially allowing documentation necessary for working out of the project and its subsequent coordination before object delivery "on a turn-key basis". The company offers the organization and performance of a full cycle of civil and erection works, including installation of internal and external engineering networks and communications of any complexity. The company assists the customer to the investor in the organization of process of reception of necessary permissions to working out of the design and town-planning documentation. Our company renders a full spectrum of services in preparation of object for building, the organization of the technical control over building, the organizations of building audit, delivery of object of the state selection committee, object input in operation.

        The company has own capacities for the organization and performance of a full cycle of works of any complexity, also in our holding there are specialized enterprises: on manufacturing and the device of the bases; monolithic and Ferro-concrete works; on manufacturing and installation, steel construction on manufacturing and installation window and door aluminum and steel construction systems; on designing, installation, start-up and commissioning of special engineering systems.

Construction Manager Construction Manager

Construction Manager is responsible for the whole scope of works as regards to building and reconstruction of the object, from search of a construction site to commissioning of the object. We undertake a wide range of tasks, including gathering of initial permit documentation and development of the design documentation, obtaining of the necessary approvals by the relevant government authorities, implementation of technical supervision over the construction process, various types of audit and commissioning of the completed facility.

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General Designer General Designer

The General Designer carries out a full range of works from estimation of efficiency and preparation of the initial data for designing to final realization of the project by forces of our own architectural workshops, including design of high-risk, technically complex and unique objects of capital construction. When construction starts, the company conducts architectural supervision over construction process, providing exact conformity of construction to the project.

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General Contractor General Contractor

The company has rich, long-term experience in performing of the General Contractor`s functions. By forces of our own departments we offer the Customer execution of all types of construction and assembly works, from land plot preparation for construction to commissioning of the object on a turn-key basis. As a General Contractor we undertake the responsibility to supervise and coordinate the contractors` work in accordance with the schedule, design documentation and budget calculation.

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Technical inspection of buildings and constructions Technical inspection of buildings and constructions

Carrying out the technical inspection, our company employs a complex, integrated approach that implies not only estimation of the real technical state of the investigated object, but also analysis of conditions of its further safe operation. On the assumption of the inspection results, the necessary technological decisions and recommendations, as regards to improvement of the building and engineering systems technical state, are developed. It should be noticed that the important distinguishing feature of the implemented by our company works hereby is fundamental scientific substantiation and justification.

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