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     The many-year staff's labour has been awarded by different prizes, diplomas, gratitude letters and other awards. The Company has been worthy of such awards as international award «European Stardard» (2010), «The Best Company of the Year» (2009), the name of «The Socially Responsible Company» (2009), «The Taxpayer of the Year» (2006), the order «Saint Petersburg Creator», and became the nominee of the prize «The Builder of the year» (2009).

    In 2008 the company is awarded by the special diploma of the vice-president of the State Duma in building and ground resources.

Certificate of Compliance with index of goodwill side2

Certificate of Compliance with index of goodwill side1

Permission to use a mark of conformity to ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certificate of conformity

Access to energy audit

Admission to the surveys

Admission to the construction

Admission to design


Hierarchical Certificate

Silver medal of the Holy Apostles Peter

Certificate of Merit "National Association of Prospectors"

Diploma of the "Association of Builders of St. Petersburg"

Diploma of the "Association of Builders of St. Petersburg"

Certificate of Honor of the Saint Petersburg «State Committee on Construction»

Honorary diploma of Vice-governor of Saint Petersburg

International Prize «European Standard»

«Builder of the year», 2009

«Socially responsible company»

«Company of the year», 2009

«Ńreator of Saint-Petersburg»

«Taxpayer of the year», 2006

All-Russian Award «Leader of the year», 2006

Letters of Thanks & Customer Feedbacks

Thanks for charitable assistance and participation in the installation of architectural sign "Vyborg - City of Military Glory"

Letter of Thanks from Vice-governor of Saint Petersburg

Letter of Thanks from Nikolay S. Valuev

Feedback from OAO «Gazpromregiongaz»

Letter of Thanks from the Head of Lomonosovsky Metropolitan Region

Letter of Thanks from SPbGU «GAPI»

Letter of Thanks from State Duma of Russian Federation

Governor Programme «Duty»

Feedback from OOO «BioMebel»

Feedback from Saint-Petersburg University of Humanities and Social Sciences

Feedback from «Lisy Nos» settlement administration

Feedback from OOO «Lenta»

Feedback from OOO «Lenta»

Feedback from FB LPU «OB imeni Gaaza»

Feedback from «Dixy»

Feedback from children's home «Nadezhda»

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